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Leone Regale, Stone Fountain

Old World stone fountains for today's elegance and beauty.

Through a modernized use of a 17th century technique for casting stone, we give rise to Pietra de Luna, or Moonstone. It is a technique known amongst European artisan monks that was handed down through the ages to diligent craftsment to create beautiful works of art. It is also known as, Scagliola Stone1, and consists of a substantial blend of marble crystals and hand-selected limestone, travertine and colored pigments all fashioned to capture the cultural heritage and design of antique, decorative Italian marble.

Each fountain is inspired by the most impressive and classical fountain designs of Europe. The authentic relief work on each fountain's design will enhance the architectural landscaping of any mansion, home, office, or client that is looking for the that feeling of Old World elegance and splendor.

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1 Learn more about Sagliola Stone here.

Old World Fountains ® has revived the real essence of Scagliola Stone in an exceptional collection of 7 garden fountains:

Various pictures of Leone Regale, a stone fountain.
Leone Regale Fountain
The Royal Lion
reg. $4,195.00
Now $1,895.00
Various pictures of La Creazione, a stone fountain.
La Creazione Fountain
The Creation
reg. $4,195.00
Now $1,595.00
Various pictures of Cherubino, a stone fountain.
Cherubino Fountain
The Boy
reg. $4,195.00
Now $1,895.00
Various pictures of Aix en Provence, a stone fountain.
Aix en Provence Fountain
The Bucket
reg. $4,195.00
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Various pictures of Bacchus, a stone fountain.
Bacchus Fountain
The Girl

Now $4,195.00
Various pictures of Nettuno, a stone fountain.
Nettuno Fountain
God of the Sea
reg. $4,195.00
Now $1,595.00
Various pictures of Leone de Provence, a stone fountain.
Leone de Provence Fountain
The Village Lion
reg. $4,195.00
Now $1,595.00